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Your Hawaii Real Estate Agent

I am an experienced, licensed, Real Estate Agent in Hawaii with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry with Better Homes & Gardens Advantage Realty.  Whether you're looking to buy a home, need help selling your current property, or anything else real estate-related, I'm here with your best interest at heart to help you make

savvy Real Estate decisions.  


I was born and raised in one of the busiest cities in the world; South Korea, Seoul.  Fast-paced urban lifestyle, walking on concrete in my high heels AM to PM, was once all I knew. My husband, who is a U.S. Army Combat Veteran, now a D.O.D. Civilian, and I have always felt a strong connection with warm weather and the beach. Both being certified PADI Scuba Divers, we traveled to tropical destinations such as Saipan, Guam, Bali, Boracay, Kota Kinabalu, Cebu, Leyte, etc. whenever we found time.  It was when we visited Oahu that we realized this beautiful island was where we were meant to be.

Hawaii was meant to be our "HOME." 


My past life in Seoul, and my current moments in Hawaii, make me the one-of-kind

Real Estate Agent I am today.  Whether you are coming from an urban lifestyle, or if you are born and raised here in Hawaii, I am able to understand you.  I am also perfectly bilingual in Korean and English, so it comes natural to connect local and overseas Buyers/Sellers in this diverse, multi cultural, Real Estate market in Hawaii.


My past corporate work experiences as Financial Analyst & Market Insight Manger, along with my personal background of coming from an artistic family, allows me to leverage both logical and design-ful perspectives to proactively address your specific needs & priorities. 

All in all, my ultimate goal is to help you make your most savvy Real Estate decisions.

Previously, I worked as the Executive Sales Agent on the #1 Agent Team on Oahu.

(Hawaii Business Magazine, 2018)

Now it's your turn to tell me your story, and invite me into your life!  I can't wait to be part of your next real estate journey.

Warmest Aloha, Sue

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